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Wholesale: Print Plant Barcodes
Wholesale: Print Plant Barcodes

How to print plant tags or labels in GrowFlow Wholesale!

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Updated 9/5/23

Here's how to print plant tags or labels for your new plants!

See Wholesale: Moving Clones or Seeds Into Veg for steps on creating new vegging plants from plant starters.

1. On the Grow > Overview, click on the strain group of plants or the room name to see all plants within the room:

2. All plants will be selected by default to be printed. You can use Filter By Table or the search bar at the top of the window to search for individual plants or plant groups. 

Tip! You can also sort columns to find certain plants by clicking any column header name. For example, find the newest plants by clicking on the Age or Birth Date header.

3. Click the purple printer icon at the top of the table to print labels for all selected plants or click on a single printer button to print a label for a single plant:

4. If your desired plant label is not selected by default, use the Update All Label Templates dropdown to set your plant label. Then, click Print:

5. Next you will be prompted to print via your browser's PDF preview.

See Wholesale: Printing with GrowFlow in 4 Minutes for additional help with printing labels throughout GrowFlow.

Remove Barcode Truncation

For optimal scanning of Plant tags in GrowFlow, we do not recommend using the Truncate ID setting for barcodes on your Plant tags/labels.

To remove this setting:

  • Head to Admin > Labels/Templates, then locate your preferred Plant label

  • On the label's line item, click "V2 Editor!" to open the editor

  • Click on the barcode on the canvas

  • To the right of the screen on the editing panel, scroll down until you see "Truncate ID: ☑" and uncheck this box

  • Click "Save"!

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