Updated as of 04/01/2022

You can create new plants from any clones, seeds, mature plants, or plant tissue that you have existing in inventory.

Pro-Tip! Remember that when a clone reaches 8″ you must progress it into a plant to assign it its own unique ID.

1. From the Grow overview, locate the material you are promoting to a Plant in the Veg stage

  • In the first column, Clones, Seeds, click the green arrow next to the strain you are promoting or click "+New" to create a new group of plants

  • This will pull up the "Create New Plants" window

2. In the Create New Plants window:

A. Enter the number of new plants

B. Optional: If you are destroying any left-overs, select "Yes" from the drop-down and enter the destroy reason

C. Optional: Select the preferred room if it differs from the default room

D. Optional: Select a table from the selected room, if applicable

E. Optional: Select a new strain if it differs from the parent material

F. Finish by clicking "Create New Plants"

Your new plants will now be found in the Veg column on the Grow Overview.

Remember to print new labels to tag your newly created plants!

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