You can create new plants from any clones, seeds, mature plants or plant tissue that you have existing in inventory.

Pro-tip: Remember that when a clone reaches 8″ you must turn it into a plant and give it it’s own barcode

1. From the Grow overview, locate the items that you want to turn into plants.

Navigate to the Grow screen to see all of your plants/plant groups. From here you can create new plants from all the grow items in the first column, or create a new group of plants using the ‘+ New’ button.

Click on the green arrow next to the strain name for a group of plants in the first column on the grow screen, the New Plant Dialog will appear.

2. Select how many new plants you’re creating.

Fill in the ‘Qty New Plants’ column of the New Plants table. Each line item shows you the clone, seed or group of mature plants you are creating the new plants from – all you need to do is fill in how many new plants you are creating. Make sure to select the room you want the clones to reside in as well as table if applicable. If a plant strain was named incorrectly you can change that here as well prior to putting it into veg.

3. Optionally, save some time and destroy any leftovers.

If you are going to destroy the leftovers, you can specify a reason from the drop down.

4. Click confirm.

Once all of your quantities are entered, and you have decide what to do with any left overs, click the ‘Create New Plants’ button.

5. Remember to print your barcodes for the new plants!

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