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Wholesale: Grow Overview

A complete walkthrough of the Grow Overview for tracking your work in the garden in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Grow Overview

There are six columns on the Grow Overview, each representing a different stage in the growing process, beginning with Clones and Seeds on the left and moving all the way to Lotted Inventory on the far right.

Green Arrows

To move Plant Starters, Plants, Harvests, or Bulk Inventory to the next stage of the grow cycle, click the green arrow beside a strain group or room name. This will move that group to the next stage's column in the grow cycle.

Search and Filter

Search the Grow Overview by pasting plant IDs into the search bar or by using the Filters to narrow the page view down by strain, room, or table. Click ➕ to expand the search field when searching for many plant IDs.

Column Overview

Clones, Seeds

Whether you're using Clones, Seeds, Plant Tissue, or a Plant-to-Plant process, click the +New button in the top right of this column to create new plant starters.

See Wholesale: Create Clones and Seeds for steps on this process.

Imported vegging plants or vegging plants prepared for transfer (mature plants) can be found in this column as well.

Tip! You can also locate your plant starters and mature plants on the Inventory Overview under the Plants tab, as these are considered inventory items.


Clicking the green arrows from the Clones, Seeds column progresses your plants to the Veg column, where you can find all of your vegging plants separated by room and strain.

See Wholesale: Create New Plants for steps on this process.


When plants are progressed to flowering, they will live in the Flower column. From here they can be harvested into an open harvest batch by clicking the green forward arrows.


This column is where harvest batches can be found for creating bulk inventory.

Bulk Inventory & Lot Inventory

When bulk materials are created from a harvest, the items will be stored in the Bulk Inventory column. As lots are created from bulk material, they are displayed in the Lot Inventory column. All of the items in these two columns can also be found on the Inventory Overview.

Video Walkthrough

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