Updated 03/22/2022

Enjoy a quick walkthrough of the Grow Overview in GrowFlow:

See your entire Grow all at once, organized by stages of the grow process:

There are six columns, each representing a different stage in the growing process, starting with Clones and Seeds on the left, and moving all the way to creating a Flower Lot on the far right.

Use the green arrow to move plants to the next stage:

To move plants to the next stage of the grow cycle, all you need to do is click the green arrow for a given group of plants. This will move that group over to the next column in the grow cycle.

When further information or action is needed between phases, a dialog will appear where you will input the pertinent information.

Search when you want to:

You can also search your growing plants here or utilize the Filter tools to quickly find a group of plants quickly.

Let's break down each column, one by one:

Clones, Seeds: This is where your propagation material lives and where your growing process begins. Whether you're using clones, seeds, plant tissue, or a plant-to-plant process, click the "+New" button in the top right of this column to get everything started. Furthermore, if you import any vegging plants or convert your own vegging plants for a transfer, your mature plants can be found in this column as well.

Note: You can also locate your propagation material and mature plants in your Inventory screen under the Plants tab, as these are also considered inventory items within traceability.

Veg: Pressing the green arrows from your Clones, Seeds column brings your plants to the Veg column, where you can find all of your vegging plants separated by room and strain.

Flower: Once your plants are flowering, you'll upgrade them to the Flower column.

Drying: This is where your drying harvest batches can be found once you have begun harvesting your flowering plants.

What are the Bulk Inventory and Lot Inventory columns for?

When it's time to package your harvested material, GrowFlow allows you a few different options to move those packages into Inventory. You can move wet weight straight into inventory as Wet Flower or Wet Other Material, or you can leave some or all of the wet weight in the drying phase and create inventory items after the material is cured. When you do that, your yield will first move to your Bulk Inventory column. As you begin to create lots from the bulk weight, those lots will display in your Lot Inventory column. All of the items in these two columns can be found on the general Inventory Overview as well.

There you have it!

Now you can follow along with the flow of your grow!

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