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Standalone: How To Perform A Partial Harvest
Standalone: How To Perform A Partial Harvest

For when you want to harvest part of the plant and leave it growing for another harvest later in the GrowFlow Standalone Wholesale platform

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Updated 08/25/2022

By now, you're probably familiar with how to harvest in GrowFlow. But did you know that you can do a partial harvest of your plants while leaving the plants in the Flower Stage? This is where the "Manicure" button comes in!

1. On the Grow Overview, hover over the strain of plants in the Flower column to click the green arrow.

2. In the Harvest window, check the "Manicure" box, then continue to fill in the rest of the fields.

3. Once the fields are entered and everything looks correct, click "Harvest # Plants"

4. Once harvested, you will be directed to the Package Harvest Batch window. If you are ready to do so, you can create Packages or you can exit out of the window to return to the Grow Overview.

5. Back on the Grow Overview, you will see your Partial Harvest in the Drying or Harvest Batches column while your Plants remain in the Flowering column.

6. Repeat the Harvest steps to enter additional wet weights.

Way to go!

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