Updated 08/05/2022

Read on about the super-easy way to harvest your plants in your GrowFlow account!

1. Head to your Grow Overview to begin harvesting your plants. Hover over the strain that you wish to harvest in the Flower column, then click the green arrow to advance them.

2. Harvest your plants by entering your total harvest weight at the top of the screen or each plant's individual wet weight into the boxes on each plant line. Notice that your plants that are available for harvest will have a green Ready noted.

  • Pro-Tip! When entering your wet weight individually you can save time by sorting your plants by ID number by clicking the blue ID box. While entering your wet weights, hit the tab key twice to go to the next box.

3. Once your wet weights are entered, enter your total waste and, optionally, enter your preferred Harvest Batch Name. When all details are confirmed click Harvest # Plants.

  • Note: The Harvest Batch Name is not editable once wet weights are entered. If no Harvest Batch Name is specified, GrowFlow will generate one for you.

4. Your screen will clear and you will see a yellow notice at the top of your screen letting you know that the harvest is being processed. The notice will let you know the email that the confirmation will be sent to as well as a time estimate for completion.

5. Notice that on your Grow Overview, your plants will remain in your Flower column until the harvest is complete and you refresh your screen. You can see the plants that are currently marked for harvest by the green Ready notice have updated to a yellow Pending notice.

6. When the harvest is complete, you will receive an email stating the change in status. Refresh your GrowFlow screen to see the changes in your account.

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