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Wholesale: Making Mother Plants
Wholesale: Making Mother Plants

How to designate Plants as Mother Plants and move them to a Mother Room in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 09/06/2022

Designate Plants as Mothers

Let's say you end up with an amazing strain in your lineup and you decide you want to take clones from a Mother Plant of this strain. So, how do you go about separating the mother from the other plants in GrowFlow? This guide will show you!

1. Locate the plant you want to use as the Mother via Grow > Plants

2. Check the box to the right of the Plant's line item

3. Click More, then click Modify from the drop-down

4. In the Modify Plants window, check the Yes box under the words Is Mother

5. Click Modify Plants

6. Click on the ID number of the plant you've just modified to open the Plant Details window, which will show that that plant is now recognized as a Mother Plant in your account by displaying a checkmark next to Is Mother

Moving Mother Plants into Mother Room

Now that you've successfully designated a Plant as a Mother, let's move its current room to a separate room called Mother in your account.

  • Note: If you do not currently have a Plant Room called Mothers, first create a new Room via Admin > Rooms by clicking +New Plant room and name it "Mothers", then proceed with the following steps.

1. While on the Plants Overview screen, check the box to the right of the Plant's line item

2. Click Move

3. In the Move Plants window, select the Mothers room from the drop-down

4. Click Move Plants

5. Now the plant will show as being held in the Mothers room in the Plants Overviews

As well as the Grow Overview

See the article below, per your jurisdiction, when you're ready to create Clones or Seeds from a Mother Plant!

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