Updated 8/03/22

As you know, everything on the farm starts from a clone or a seed, also known as immature plants. These immature plants will become an Immature Plant Batch in your traceability, which is tracked by the Immature Plant Batch ID. Luckily, creating Immature Plant Batches is easy with GrowFlow.

Let’s walk through the steps and get your plants growing!

1. On your Grow Overview screen, click the +New button located at the top of the Clones, Seeds column

2. Use the Create Plant Starters window to create the Immature Batch

A. Select either Seed or Clone as the Plant starter

B. Select a Plant Room to place the starters in

C. If you are creating a new strain of clones, enter the new strain name in this field

  • Note: If no strain is entered, the immature plant batch will inherit the strain of the mother

3. Once you have set the details for the immature plant batch, choose the origin, or mother plant of your new clones or seeds

D. To quickly find plants to pull from, filter by Strain, Room, or Table, or use the search bar to enter the tag number

E. Enter the number of Seeds or Clones you are creating

F. Click Create New

After clicking Create, a window will appear showing you the new unique identifier for the batch. It will be identified by the strain name, the date it was created, and a unique number.

  • Note: Clones or Seeds do not need a Metrc tag unless they are put on an order for transfer. As stated, they are identified by the Immature Plant Batch ID. If placed on a transfer they will use a Package Tag

Printing Clone or Seed Labels

After creating your clones or seeds, on the confirmation screen, you will be able to print your labels.

Use the Print window to choose and print the correct labels:

1. Choose your desired page format

2. Select your printer

3. Optionally, update your templates if recent changes have been made

4. Optionally, match your label to your strain

5. Confirm that the correct label template is selected

Print & Tag!

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