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Standalone: How to Enter New Clones & Seeds
Standalone: How to Enter New Clones & Seeds
A comprehensive guide to entering new Clones & Seeds in GrowFlow Standalone Wholesale
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Updated 09/06/2022

So you just bought or produced some seeds and/or clones, and you're wondering how the heck to enter them into your GrowFlow system. Never fear - This guide is here! show you how. Follow along with the scenario that suits you below!

Hold up! First things first.

  • If you are bringing in new strains, add them to your strains list via Admin > Strains by clicking the "+New Strain" button.

  • As well, you may need to create a new product or products to attach to your new clones/seeds. Follow the steps in this article and be sure to select the traceability types for Clones or Seeds while doing so.

You're ready to get started!

Scenario 1

You're taking clones & seeds from Mother plants already in your account.

Watch this video for more details!

Scenario 2

You're collecting seeds from harvested plant material.

Let's say you've harvested a batch of plants that have since been dried and cured and you're in the midst of trimming when you find...seeds! If you intend to keep the seeds for later use, you can package them using the '"Package" tool on the Inventory Overview. Follow these steps:

1. Head to Inventory Overview

2. Click the "Package" button

3. In the Package Inventory window, select "Pre-packaged items"

4. What are we making? Select Seeds

5. What kind of Seeds? Select the matching Seeds product

  • Note: If you do not see your preferred Seeds product, click "Create New Product Template" below this field to create it.

6. If you are using a Product Template, select the strain.

7. How many units? Enter the number of packages of seeds you will be creating.

8. Use the search field or the filters to find the Flower from which the seeds were obtained

9. On the Flower's line item, in the Amount to Use column, enter the number for which you entered in step 7

10. Ensure the "Total Cannabis Needed" matches the "Total Cannabis Selected"

11. Select a room to store the Seeds in, if applicable.

  • Note: Your new seeds will go into the 'Seed Bank' in the Clones, Seeds column on the Grow Overview.

12. Click "Preview Convert"

13. If everything looks good, click "Confirm".

You have now just created seed inventory from a harvested Flower!

Scenario 3

You've purchased clones/seeds from a licensed grower who also uses GrowFlow.

For this scenario, you'll import those clones & seeds via an Inbound Order. See Inbound Transfers to learn more about this process.

Scenario 4

You've purchased clones & seeds from a licensed grower who does not use GrowFlow.

This is similar to Scenario 3, but since the grower is an external source, meaning outside of GrowFlow, you'll use an External Inbound Order. See Importing Inventory from a Licensed Source who is not on GrowFlow and/or the video below.

Scenario 5

You've purchased clones & seeds from a non-licensed source, such as online or from a trade show.

If you happen to acquire seeds or clones this way, then using the "Import Packages" tool is your best bet.

  • Note: Clones & Seeds will be imported as inventory items, not plant items. Before they are moved over to the Veg column, you will not be able to move them into Plant rooms, only Inventory rooms. Watch this video to learn how to import those clones/seeds into your account:


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