Updated 9/23/2022

The Vendors page stores your customer contact information and allows you to set assigned sales representatives to specific vendors, sync vendors to QuickBooks, and more! Jump to a section:

Part I: Updating Vendor Information

Part II: Vendor Drivers and Contacts

Part III: Transporter Agent License Number

Part I: Updating Vendor Information

Click Edit beside a vendor contact to open up the Vendor Details window:

Vendor Details

In the Vendor Details window, we have the following editable fields:

A. Favorite

  • Set vendor as a Favorite to use the "Show Only Favorites" filter button on the Vendors page

B. Vendor Nickname

  • The name you see for this vendor on the Sales Overview

C. Vendor Email

  • The email(s) used for vendors on outbound orders. Enter multiple emails separated by commas

D. Vendor Contact Name

E. Vendor Phone Number

F. Vendor Address

G. Sales User

  • Sales user who will be automatically assigned to orders sent to this vendor

H. Special Pricing Group

I. Payment Type

  • Set a payment type to record on invoices

J. Payment Terms

  • Add a Payment Terms note that will automatically appear on invoices

K. Default Delivery Fee

L. Notes

  • Add any other notes regarding the account

Part II: Vendor Drivers and Contacts

Below the vendor details, we can manage additional information for this vendor: Orders, Contacts, Drivers, Vehicles, and Interactions:


View past orders to this vendor and click Copy Order to create a new order identical to the previous Order #


Click Add to add a new contact or click Edit to edit an existing contact information:

Drivers and Vehicles

Add Drivers and their Vehicles to select for Pick Up manifests from this vendor:


Add helpful interaction notes per vendor contact by selecting the Contact and Date, entering the note, and then click Add:

Part III: Transporter Agent License Number

For users in Oklahoma, Here's how to add the Transporter Agent License Number (ID) for vendor drivers who will pick up deliveries from your facility:

1. On Vendors page, click on the vendor name:

2. In the Vendor Details, click on the Vehicles tab and click Add:

3. Fill in the vehicle information and click Confirm:

5. Now go to the Drivers tab and click Add:

4. Enter the driver's information including the Transporter Agent License Number and click Confirm:

Now the Transporter Agent ID will be shown on pick-up manifests and on the Transfers By Orders report on the Dashboard!

Nice work! 😉

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