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Wholesale: Vendor Pricing Groups
Wholesale: Vendor Pricing Groups

Setting up Pricing Groups to automatically apply discounts or specials and How to Add Vendors to Pricing Groups in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 11/21/2022

Pricing Groups are a powerful tool to drive new sales and retain loyal customers. You can also think of Pricing Groups as various clubs to put vendors (customers) in based on their sales volume, specific products, or purchase history. You might have the 10% savings club, or the $1 pre-rolls club, or even pricing groups for individual Vendors. You can have as many pricing groups as you want, so do what makes sense for your clientele and your sales goals!

Part 1: Creating Pricing Groups

1. To setup Pricing Groups, hover over the Admin tab and select Products:

2. Once on the Products screen, click on the Pricing Groups tab. This is where we will create and manage our Pricing Groups.

You can see that we have created a few Pricing Groups in this example. For each Pricing Group created, the Notes section comes in handy for adding extra detail and quick reference to decide which of your Vendors you would like to add to the various groups. We have one called “$1 Pre-Rolls Club” and in the notes section we have indicated that this Pricing Group is for those who purchase at least 50 pre-rolls per order. For inspiration, think of discounts you have been offered that enticed you to order more frequently or to increase the amount you purchased from a vendor. Think about what really makes you want to engage or stay with those companies and apply it to your own pricing group strategies!

Adding a Pricing Group

3. When you are ready to create a new Pricing Group:

A. Click + New Pricing Group

B. Fill in the name, and any notes about it

C. Click Save to create the group

Managing the Pricing for your Group

4. Once you have created one or more Pricing Groups, you can begin setting prices for each product you wish to include. Click on the Pricing button for the group you want to manage.

5. This pulls up a screen where you see all the products in your system which you can filter by Category, Type, Product Name, Strain, Brand, Size, or search for a specific product.

To set a New Price, click the checkbox to select the product, then enter the discounted price in the New Price column. You can see in the Difference column that GrowFlow automatically calculates the difference between the standard price and the discounted price for you!

If you want to return a product to standard pricing, you can click the Clear button for each item.

As you can see in this example, we are offering this Pricing Group a discount on 2 of our Products, the 0.5g size of Chronic 123 Bubble Hash and 1 gram size of Blueberry Headband Oil. You can set special pricing for as many products as you like!

6. There are also Bulk Edit and Bulk Clear buttons that will allow you to edit all items selected to have the same price and to also clear all selected items’ discounted prices to be returned to standard pricing.

First, click the checkboxes for the items you wish to apply the same price, such as multiple products of flower or concentrate. Second, click the Bulk Edit button to enter the New Price to be applied to all selected products.

7. On the Edit Selection screen, you can enter the price to be applied to all selected products for this Bulk Edit and then click OK.

8. Now you can see that the Bulk Edit price has been applied to all selected products.

9. When you are finished setting the new pricing on products in this Pricing Group, make sure all affected items are checked, and then click the Save Prices button!

10. The discounted prices will now appear automatically when you add the products to an order of a vendor who is in a Pricing Group.

Account for Costs

Another way this powerful tool can be used is to help you account for the costs of doing business. For example, you could have a Pricing Group for vendors more than 400 miles from your facility and set New Prices on products that are higher than the standard prices instead of being discounted.

There are many creative ways to drive sales through discounts and pricing strategies. Use this powerful tool to improve your efficiency and stand out in the cannabis market! Nice work!

Part 2: Adding a Vendor to a Pricing Group

Pricing Groups are a powerful tool to quickly and easily reward customers and drive new business.

To add a customer to a Pricing Group, begin by finding them on the Vendors page.

Once you are on the Vendors Page, you can search for your client using the search window and you can sort the list using any one of the columns shown here in the red box.

When you have found the Vendor you want to add to a pricing group, click Edit on their line item.

This will open the Vendor Detail page, where you can modify many things about the Vendor, including their membership in a Pricing Group. Choose the Pricing Group you want to add them to from the drop-down menu:

  • Note: A vendor can only be in one Pricing Group at a time. To remove a Vendor from all pricing groups choose Not Selected in this drop-down.

After you've added a Vendor to a Pricing Group, the products you've discounted automatically show up at the group price on the order screen, and also in your LIVE store when viewed by the buyer for that particular license:


A powerful tool to save time and drive sales is at your fingertips!

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