Updated 9/16/2021

Section One: Vendors Overview

The Vendors Page is a useful tool to help manage your customer information.

Clicking the Edit button found in the Vendors Overview allows you to enter additional information to track your customers.

After clicking Edit, on the next screen, you have the ability to enter the following information.

A. Vendor Nickname

B. Vendor Email

C. Vendor Contact Name

D. Vendor Phone Number

E. Vendor Address

F. Vendor City

G. Vendor Region

H. Vendor Postal Code

I. Assigned Sales User

J. Special Pricing Group

K. Special Discounts

L. Any other notes regarding the account

M. Check box if the licensee is inactive

Section Two: Transporter Agent License Number
For Users in Oklahoma

This tool allows you to add the Transporter Agent License Number (ID) for a driver of a vendor that will pick up deliveries from your facility.

1. To add the Transporter Agent License Number (ID), first locate the vendor on the Vendors page.
2. Once the vendor is located, click on the Vendor name within the line item.
3. Now in the Vendor Details, click on the 'Drivers' tab.

4. Now you can click on the 'Add' button to add a new driver. If the driver is already listed, you can click the 'Edit' button to add the ID as well as update any other details.

5. From here you'll be able to add the information for the driver!

A. The name of the driver for this vendor

B. The driver's date of birth

C. The driver's email

D. Their phone number

E. This is where the Transporter Agent License Number will go

F. The Drivers Vehicle, which can be added on the Vehicles tab, but is optional

6. After you hit Confirm, you're ready to rock!

Great news! Adding this information to the vendor's driver details will populate their ID to the "Transfers By Orders" report in your Dashboard!

Nice work, team. :)

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