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Standalone: How to Package and Sell Wet Flower
Standalone: How to Package and Sell Wet Flower

How to take your plants directly from Harvest to Inventory or an Order in GrowFlow Standalone Wholesale

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Updated 08/25/2022

When selling your freshly harvested plants, follow these steps to quick success! This workflow can be helpful when selling your plants directly to a manufacturer for products like live resin or to a processing license for drying, packaging, or processing. 

1. Select a Room or batch of Flowering Plants that you would like to Harvest in the Flower column of the Grow Overview.

2. In the Harvest window, first confirm that the IDs for the plants you are harvesting match those selected on the screen.

  • Note: Upon entering the Harvest window, all plants will be selected automatically.

3. Use the Harvest window to enter your Harvest Details

  • If you are not familiar with the Harvest workflow, see How to Harvest

4. Once you've entered your Harvest weights and clicked "Harvest # Plants", you will be directed to the Package Harvest Batch window. From here, click the blue "New Package" button and select "Whole Wet Plant" from the drop-down.

  • Note: Depending on your jurisdiction, the traceability name for Whole Wet Plant may differ.

5. A new Whole Wet Plant field will appear:

A. Use the Default Product or select a preferred Product Template from the drop-down. If the preferred Product Template is not yet created, click "Create New Template".

B. Enter the total weight of the Whole Wet Plant

C. Enter any waste weight that may have been collected in the process. This weight will be taken out of your total wet weight entered.

D. Select a Room to store the Whole Wet Plant in

  • Note: Click "Collect Additional" before clicking "Create" to keep the harvest open if you will have additional weights to enter in the future

E. Click "Create"

6. After clicking "Create", you will immediately see the window refresh and the package that was created in the Inventories tab.

7. The Whole Wet Plant package can now be found in your Inventory Overview:

And is available to add to an Order:

Great work!

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