Standalone: Undo a Transfer

Undo a transfer to make changes to an order or manifest that is "In Transit" in the GrowFlow Standalone Wholesale platform

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Updated 08/26/2022

There is no need to start over if you made a mistake on something that shipped. Simply undo the transfer to bring it back into your order workflow, make the changes needed, and push it back to the "In Transit" phase. A new manifest reflecting the changes will need to be printed. Be careful doing this with any product that has already left your facility on delivery, you don't want the manifest associated with your product to be incorrect!

1. On the Orders Overview, locate and select the order from the In Transit column that needs to changes made

2. Click "Edit" below the Order Details, then click "Undo Transfer" from the drop-down

3. Confirm the Undo by clicking "OK"

You will now find your order in the Scheduled for Transit stage on the Orders Overview. See Void Manifest if you need to reverse the stage of the order further.

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