All the hard work is about to pay off! Now that you have grown and groomed your plants to their peak of delicious, stickiness, it is time to harvest! Follow these simple steps to track your harvest from plant to harvest batch.

Note: All harvests must be strain specific!

1. Select your room or batch of flowering plants that you would like to harvest from your Flower Column

2. On the Harvest dialog box, first confirm that the tags for the plants you are harvesting match those selected on the screen

  • Note: when you select your batch to harvest, all plants will be selected automatically.

3. Next, use the dialog box to fill in the details of your harvest as follows:

  1. Enter in the total wet weight for your harvest- GrowFlow will automatically divide your wet weight up to an equal weight per plant. Alternatively, you can enter each wet weight individually by tag number below.

  2. Harvest Batch Name: You can choose to enter a unique Harvest Batch Name. The system will automatically assign a name if you choose not to

  3. Enter in any waste that was collected and weighed separately during your harvest. This waste weight will not be taken out of your total wet weight entered.

  4. Select a drying room for your harvest batch

4. Once you have all of your details in the Harvest Dialog box, click "Harvest # Plants":

5. Your harvest will now show up in your Harvest Batches column as a harvest batch. Plants in harvests batches will no longer be tracked by their individual IDs

Nice work!

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