Updated 10/28/20

You can easily create “Alerts” that will notify you when specific events happen. These real time notifications are then delivered in text message or email format.

  1. In the top left hand corner, click the icon with your initials.

2. Click on “Alerts.”

3. Click “Alert Settings” in the top right corner. Here you can manage and add new “Alerts.”

4. Click the “Green +” button in the top right corner to create a new “Alert.”

5. Add a name for the “Alert” you want to create.

6. Select one of the following “Alert Types” from the drop down;

A. “Inventory”

B. “Order”

C. “Pre-Order”

D. “Shift”


A. Send “Alert” if packages are sold out

B. Send “Alert” if packages are sold at a negative quantity

C. Send “Alert” if each package quantity falls below X


A. Send “Alert” if Order item is sold below cost

B. Send “Alert” if Order fails to report to state traceability system

C. Send “Alert” if Order discount is greater than “X” percent

D. Send “Alert” if Item discount is greater than “X” percent


A. Send “Alert” if New Pre-order is created

B. Send “Alert” if Pre-order is fulfilled


A. Send “Alert” when Shift is Opened

B. Send “Alert” when Shift is Closed

C. Send “Alert” when Shift is Closed with a discrepancy amount greater than “X”

7. Now that you have activated the “Alerts” you need, please enter an "Email Address” and “Mobile Phone Number” to begin receiving alerts. Remember to “Save & Close” when you are done.

View Alerts

You can always go back to the “Alert” page by clicking on your Initials in the top left and selecting “Alerts” to view all past issues.


Alerts Not Showing

If for some reason you are not getting alerts, please check the “Alerts Settings” page and make sure it's active.

  1. Click on the Icon with your initials and select “Alerts.”

2. Click on “Alert Settings” in the top right corner.

3. Review your “Alerts” to make sure each one is “Active.”

Unable to Add Alert

Make sure to check your permissions under “User Settings” to see if you have access.

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