Updated 04/20/2022

Need to make a last-minute change to the order before sending it out the door? No problem!

1. Go into the order and click “Edit”, then click “Undo Transfer” from the drop-down menu.

2. When successfully undone, your order will now be in the "Scheduled for Transit" stage. If you need to make edits to the manifest or to the units on the order then you will want to proceed with Editing or Voiding the manifest.

3. Once the updates have been made and if you voided the manifest, you will need to click “Select Delivery Options” to re-manifest the order, which will give the order a new manifest ID and resubmit the manifest to the LCB on your behalf. Be sure to send the receiver a copy of the new manifest as well.

Remember to let your team know they'll need to reprint the new Manifest.

4. If you were able to make your edits without voiding the manifest, then you will "Click to Transfer Order" to push the order "In Transit".

Now your order has been successfully updated and re-manifested, and back in the In Transit phase!

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