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Wholesale: Changing the Vendor on an Order
Wholesale: Changing the Vendor on an Order

No need to scrap the order if the Vendor is incorrect! Learn how to update the Vendor with just a few clicks in GrowFlow Wholesale!

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Updated 9/5/23

Accidentally create an order for the wrong vendor or location? Here's how to change the vendor on the order!

The order must be in the Manifest stage or earlier to change the vendor. If you have already manifested the order, see Wholesale: Undo a Transfer and/or Wholesale: Void Manifest to back up the order.

1. At the top right of the order, click the square edit icon next to the vendor’s name, then start typing the vendor's name in the drop-down to select the updated vendor:

2. Once the correct vendor is saved, you can proceed with processing or re-manifesting the order!

Note: Make sure to print a new copy of the manifest since the receiving license number has changed.

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