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WA Standalone: Selling Plants to Medical Patients
WA Standalone: Selling Plants to Medical Patients

You can sell seeds and immature plants (clones) directly from a Producer to a patient, based on the state's Senate Bill 5131

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Producers are allowed to sell seeds or immature plants and clones (up to 12 inches in height and diameter) to qualifying patients and designated providers who hold a recognition card and have been entered into the medical marijuana authorization database.

What you will need to do in GrowFlow to make these sales?

  1. In GrowFlow, create a new room.

  2. Move the plants to that room.

  3. Leave the plants in that room until the LCB advises a process for reporting these sales, or request permission from your enforcement officer to adjust them to zero with an explanation and using the "Other" reason code. (You'd have to convert any vegging plants to Mature Plants before adjusting.)

  4. Save all receipts/records of any sales to medical patients.

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