Updated 6/15/21

Non-Mandatory QA samples are reported to you but not reported to the state. It can be useful if you want to see if your THC is good, but even if it’s still good, you need to get another test to report to the state. You can take non-mandatory samples from plants or inventory. For inventory that you also plan to get a mandatory test for, the non-mandatory test must be done using a sub-lotted ID.

Inventory Non-Mandatory QA Sample

  1. Create a sublot from the inventory ID using the quantity of grams needed for the noon-mandatory test

  2. Create your QA order, find your sublot, hit the "NM" (non mandatory) checkbox, enter the quantity needed for the test

  3. Progress the order through like normal

Plant Non-Mandatory QA Sample 

Head over to the "Plants" page and select any plants you would like to obtain results for.

Then select the QA button to open the popup window where you can choose a lab and the size of the samples per plant.

Finally, create a new QA Order and use the filter to select "Non-Mandatory Sample" and add them to the order. In addition, if you want to send samples that are already sub-lotted for it, you can do that here at the same time, just use the checkbox to designate it as "NM" for Non-Mandatory.

Now just process the manifest just like any other order.

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