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LIVE Marketplace: Adding Multiple Licenses to a Buyer Profile
LIVE Marketplace: Adding Multiple Licenses to a Buyer Profile

How to add additional licenses to a buyer profile in the LIVE Store to place orders from multiple licenses under one profile

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Updated 9/19/23

If you order on behalf of multiple licenses, here's how to add each license to your buyer profile and switch between licenses to place orders to our vendors in the LIVE Marketplace.

Haven't made a buyer profile yet? See LIVE Marketplace: From the Buyer's Side.

1. Login to

2. From your account menu at the top right, go to Account Settings:

3. Under Add A License, search for your license number or name and click to add the license:

4. Click Save Profile to save your changes:

5. Switch between licenses in your upper right dropdown menu to place orders under that license!

See LIVE Marketplace: Place an Order for steps on placing an order.

Tip! If you don't see your license in our list, please reach out to us through the chat bubble with your license number and we will add it to our system right away!

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