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OK Metrc: Packaging Pre-Rolls with Conversion Waste
OK Metrc: Packaging Pre-Rolls with Conversion Waste

How to package Pre-Rolls or Infused Pre-Rolls while deducting waste from the conversion in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 08/30/2023

How to package Pre-Rolls while deducting waste accumulated from the conversion from the parent package in Oklahoma.

Note: If you are sending conversion waste out as MMJ Waste with a Waste Facility do not follow these steps. Instead, please see Parts 1 & 2 of How to Package MMJ Waste.

1. Click on the Package tool from the Inventory Overview

2. Select Pre-packaged items

3. Select Pre-Rolls (Flower) or Pre-Rolls (Infused) depending on what type of Pre-Rolls you are making

4. Select the applicable Product Template or strain-specific Product

5. Select the applicable strain if a Product Template is used in step 4


  • Click Create New Product Template if an applicable Product has not already been created

  • Click Create New Strain if the applicable strain has not already been created

6. Locate the parent package(s) the Pre-Rolls are being sourced from

7. Enter the amount to use

Note: If waste has been accumulated during the physical packaging of the pre-rolls, include the waste weight in the amount to use

8. Enter the total units of Pre-Rolls produced

9. Enter the accumulated waste weight from packaging the pre-rolls


  • 105g = the amount to use

  • 100g = the amount used to create 100 1g pre-rolls

  • 5g = the conversion waste

10. If this batch of Pre-Rolls is to be sent for additional QA testing, check the This product requires QA re-testing box and assign a new Production Batch Name

Note: If you choose not to use a custom Production Batch Name, GrowFlow will auto-populate one for you

11. Select a room to store the Pre-Rolls in

12. Click Preview Convert

13. Once the conversion details are confirmed, click Confirm

14. Confirm the tags to use and complete the packaging by clicking Yes, they're correct

15. You will receive a green confirmation message on the Inventory Overview where you can view the new package of Pre-Rolls as well as the parent package's remaining weight, with the weight of the pre-rolls and conversion waste deducted

16. To view the conversion waste, click on the blue Waste button

17. When the conversion waste has been disposed of at your facility, select the line item and click Dispose Selected

Warning: Proceed with caution! Once waste has been disposed of from your waste bin it cannot be undone

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