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OK Metrc: How to Send a Package for QA Re-Testing
OK Metrc: How to Send a Package for QA Re-Testing

Re-package failed or remediated inventory and clear the current test results to send for QA re-testing

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Updated 06/14/2023

Metrc does not allow a package to have multiple QA results attached, and will always retain the original QA result. If a product requires re-testing, the package will first need to be re-packaged into a new tag in GrowFlow to remove the current QA result in Metrc before sending for the re-test.

1. On the Inventory Overview, click Package

2. Select the traceability type, product, and strain for the package

3. Locate the package you are sending for re-testing

4. Select all or enter the amount to use

5. Enter the total grams of the package

6. Check the "This product requires QA re-testing" box and enter a Production Batch Name

Note: Do not skip step 6! This step is mandatory for clearing the current QA result.

7. Select a room

8. Preview and confirm the re-packaging

9. Once the product is re-packaged and the QA result is cleared you can send the package on a Lab Transfer for re-testing.

See OK Metrc: Metrc Workaround for Lab Sample Transfers for steps on how to create Lab Samples to send for testing

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