There's lots of confusion about what to put on your labels, so we've tried to give you all the various options and what they mean.

{{THC}} - direct from LCB
{{THCA}} - direct from LCB
{{TotalTHC}} aka THCMax aka 502 THC  = THC + 0.877*THCA
{{CBD}} - direct from LCB
{{CBDA}} - direct from LCB
{{TotalCBD}} aka CBDMax aka 502 CBD =  CBD + 0.877*CBDA
{{QATotal}} aka 502 Total = THCMax + CBDMax
{{TotalOptional}} aka Total Cannabinoids = This is the big number that includes all the cannabinoids such as CBN etc, that your Lab reports to you but does not report to the LCB. If you want to use this big number, you'll need to enter it manually once per QA Test.

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