Labels are a beast in their own right, when there's lots of information to add according to the rules and you don't want to change every time you go to print something.

Set up dynamic fields and you won't have to lift another finger!

Available Dynamic Fields

All the available dynamic fields can be found in a list on the right of the text box. Just click on + Dynamic field and select one to insert. You can select from the list, or start typing what you're looking for to narrow it down.

Not sure what one means? Use your mouse to hover to see a tooltip that helps to explain what it is.

Once you've added the dynamic field, the canvas will generate a preview that shows what it will look like in real time.

Tips and Tricks

Want your strain name to be in all uppercase? Or want your processed date to be in a MM/YY format instead? Once you've added a dynamic field to the text box, type in these special inserts below to get them formatted to print in a way you'd rather see.

Here are a few examples:
Date Addition: {{ProcessedDate[add_days=365]}}
Date Format: {{ProcessedDate[format=MM/yy]}}
Decimal Places Round: {{Available[round=2]}}
Text Title Case: {{StrainName[to_title_case=1]}}
Text Lower Case: {{StrainName[to_lower=1]}}
Text Upper Case: {{StrainName[to_upper=1]}}
First 'n' characters: {{StrainName[slice=4]}}
Last 'n' characters: {{StrainName[splice=4]}}
Sample Text:
{{SampleText[Vendor Sample Text]}}
{{ESampleText[Edu. Sample Text]}}
{{QASampleText[QA Sample Text]}}

Expert Skillz Level 3:

If your consumers are interested in terps (or if you're in a State that requires them like NV!) you can even add those to labels, fully automatically too!
Here's the special Dynamic Fields to get your top terps onto your labels:
{{TopTerpene1Label}} {{TopTerpene1Value}}%
{{TopTerpene2Label}} {{TopTerpene2Value}}%
{{TopTerpene3Label}} {{TopTerpene3Value}}%


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