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Wholesale: Setting Harvest and Processed Dates in Inventory Details
Wholesale: Setting Harvest and Processed Dates in Inventory Details

Harvest Date, Processed Date, Producer, Supplier, Manufacturer, and Owner - These are all Inventory Details you can add or modify!

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Updated 9/6/23

We can customize item data such as processed date or producer name when it is not automatically present when transferred from other accounts.

Note: If you are connected to another traceability system such as BioTrack or Metrc, data such as Harvest Date and Birth Date may not be editable this way.

To update this information, click on the inventory's compliance ID button:

In the Inventory Details window we can manually set any of the following by clicking on the date link or edit icon:

1. Birth Date

2. Harvest Date

3. Processed Date

4. Produced By

5. Supplier

6. Manufacturer

7. Owner

Tip! We recommend setting this information on the parent item so that it will be inherited by any new child inventory. This means you'll only need to manually enter it once!

Dynamic Fields

Entering this information also means you're able to make use of their Dynamic Fields in the Label Editor to pull this information onto labels! Enter the respective dynamic field in any text box in your label:

  • Birth Date = {{BirthDate}}

  • Harvest Date = {{HarvestDate}}

  • Processed Date = {{ProcessedDate}}

  • Produced By = {{Producer}}

  • Supplier = {{Supplier}}

  • Manufacturer = {{Manufacturer}}

  • Owner = {{Owner}}

See Wholesale: Using Dynamic Fields in Labels for more help with using dynamic fields in the label editor.

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