Updated 03/24/2022

Awe, shucks. See a piece of Inventory Detail missing? No worries - We can fix that!

When inventory is transferred into your account, we are unable to automatically look up the Harvest Date, Processed Date, Produced by, Supplier, Manufacturer, and Owner since we don't have access to the plants or history of the inventory that it came from.

To update this information, click on the Inventory's Compliance ID to view the Inventory Details, where we can manually enter:

  1. Birth Date

  2. Harvest Date

  3. Processed Date

  4. Producer

  5. Supplier

  6. Manufacturer

  7. Owner

We recommend setting this information on the parent lot so that it will be inherited by any existing or new child inventory. This means you'll only need to manually enter it once!

Entering this information also means you're able to make use of their Dynamic Fields in the Label Editor so that you can pull in this information when printing labels!

Fantastic work!

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