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Metrc: How to Enter Medical and Non-Medical Waste
Metrc: How to Enter Medical and Non-Medical Waste

This article explains the differences between entering medical and non-medical waste weights into GrowFlow Wholesale.

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Updated: 9/19/22

Depending on medical or non-medical waste, there are a few ways to enter these weights in GrowFlow. You'll need to plan ahead in order to know where to enter waste weights. In this article, we will go over the different areas in your account for recording medical and non-medical waste.

Part 1: Medical Waste

Any waste that you intend on placing on a Waste Transfer must be left over during conversions. In this example, we are going to look at converting from Bulk Flower to Concentrates, while leaving out the waste collected during the packaging.

Package MMJ Waste from a Harvest

1. On the Grow Overview, select the applicable Harvest from the Harvest column

2. In the Package Harvest Batch window:

A. Click New Package

B. Select MMJ Waste from the drop-down

C. In the MMJ Waste Line item, enter the Waste Quantity

  • Note: Use the Default Product to create an MMJ Waste Package, select an existing custom template from the drop-down, or click Create New Template to create a new MMJ Waste Product Template.

D. Optional: Click Collect Additional to keep the harvest open to enter future harvest weights

E. Click Create

You can view the MMJ Waste in the Inventories tab of the Package Harvest Batch window or on the Inventory Overview.

Package MMJ Waste from Inventory

1. First click Package on the Inventory Overview

2. On the conversion, only enter the number of grams that were made to use the concentrate

3. In the Waste Field, do not enter any weight

Note: If you do enter waste here, it will be sent to the Inventory Waste Bin to await final disposal within your account and facility, and will not be created as a new package.

4. Once the Package is complete, see How to Package MMJ Waste to package the leftover weight from the source package into an MMJ Waste product.

Part 2: Non-Medical Waste

If you plan on disposing of non-medical waste on-site, there are a few areas to enter this waste. This waste can be located in the Waste Bins, either in the Grow or Inventory Overview.

Entering Non-Medical Waste when Harvesting

When moving from Flowering to Harvest, entering the waste weight in grams is available.

This waste entry will show in the Waste Bin located on the Grow Overview.

Jump to EnteringDaily Plant Waste and How to Dispose On-Site for a walk-through of the final disposal of this waste.

Entering Waste on the Harvest Package Window

When clicking on a Harvest to create packages from Dry Flower/Trim, entering waste is also available. This will be placed in the Waste Bin in the Grow Overview.

Note: Once you enter waste and click Create this will close the harvest unless Collect Additional is checked.

Disposing of Inventory Waste

To destroy waste collected from Inventory on-site, first navigate to the Inventory Overview, select the item that needs to be destroyed, and click Destroy.

After clicking Destroy:

1. Select a reason

2. Optionally, select a room to place the destruction

3. Enter a detailed explanation for the destruction

4. Click Destroy Items

Once the package is destroyed, it will be placed in the Waste Bin on your Inventory Overview.

Locate and select the package and click Dispose Selected for final disposal from your account.

Note: Option to select waste items here and click Undo Destroy to undo the destruction and place it back into Inventory. If the package is marked as Disposed of from here, it cannot be brought back into the account.

Entering Daily Plant Waste and How to Dispose On-Site

First, navigate to the Grow Overview and click Collect to enter daily plant waste.

In the collect window:

1. Select a room

2. Enter the weight of the waste in grams

3. Select a Reason for the destruction

4. Enter an explanation of the destruction

5. Click Submit

To locate the waste entry for final disposal, click on the Waste button in the Grow Overview.

In order for this entry to be reflected in Metrc as waste, you will need to first select the item and then click Dispose Selected. You can do this in either the Grow or Inventory Overview Waste Bin.

1. Select the Disposal Method

2. Enter the material mix you used to dispose

3. Click Dispose

Note: Once you click Dispose, this action cannot be undone and will be reflected in Metrc as waste.

After you click Dispose the reflections will update to Metrc and the waste entry will then be cleared from your Waste Bin.

Well done!

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