Updated 9/14/22

To make a Variety Pack in GrowFlow, you must first make a custom Product, then also create a custom Retail label to place on the variety packs. Let's get started by taking a look at how to create the Product. In this example, we are going to be creating a 4 Pack Pre-Roll Variety Pack.

Part 1: Creating the "Variety Pack" Product

Navigate to Admin > Products, then click "Product Creator":

In the "Create Products" window you will:

1. Select Pre-Roll (Flower Only) as the Traceability Type

2. Select Pre-Rolls (Flower Only) as the Category

3. Enter "Variety Pack" as the Product Name

  • Note: A Product Name can be as custom as you wish; Include any additional details in the Variety Pack name if applicable to the Product.

4. Select the Strain Name

  • Note: You may need to create a new strain under Admin > Strains. Suggested strain names for variety packs are "Mixed" or include all the strains in the variety pack like so, "Blue Dream x Purple Haze x ATF x White Widow".

5. Enter the Variety Pack size. In this example, I’ve entered 4 as the size as there will be four 1g pre-rolls in the variety pack.

6. Click "Create Product" to finish

Part 2: Creating the Custom Label

Navigate to Admin > Labels/Template, then click "Add New Custom Label":

1. Name the label "Variety Pack".

2. Set the type to "Retail"

3. Set the Inventory Type to "Pre-Roll (Flower Only)"

4. Click "Save"

To edit the label, click on "Editor". In a text field on the Label Editor, manually type in:

  • All strain names included in the variety pack

  • Their Metrc Tag IDs

  • Lab Results must be included on the label for each tested strain packaged in the Variety Pack. This may include Total THC, THCA, Total CBD, CBDA.

    • Note: Quickly gather this information by clicking on the Variety Pack’s ID button, then each of the Parent IDs listed to see the individual lab results.

  • Any other information you are required to display

Click "Save" once you have finished manually entering the correct information.

Part 3: Packaging Existing Pre-Rolls into the Variety Pack

Navigate to the Inventory > Overview and click "Package":

On the Package Inventory window:

1. Select "Pre-Packaged Items"

2. Select "Pre-Rolls (Flower)"

3. Select the Variety Pack product you created in Part 1

4. Check the box that reads "Re-Package"

5. Enter the amount to use from each parent pre-roll to package into the variety pack. In this case, we are making 10 variety packs, so we will enter 10 for each parent pre-roll as the amount to use.

6. Enter the total number of variety packs produced. Then click "Preview Convert".

On the Preview Window, click "Confirm" once you have confirmed the variety pack is correct:

Lastly, confirm the Metrc Tag to be used.

Nice work! Your variety packs are created!

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