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Wholesale: Re-Package Retail Inventory Items
Wholesale: Re-Package Retail Inventory Items

Use this process to change inventory units into multi-pack sizes or smaller sizes. Let GrowFlow modify and adjust the number of units!

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Updated 09/21/2022

Follow this workflow to learn the best workflow for converting or re-packaging single units into multipacks or into smaller sizes. You'll see this is much better than sub-lotting and then adjusting! Use this workflow for edibles, bagged flower, pre-rolls, topicals, or anything packaged for retail sale.

  • Note: The video below uses Traceability Types in Washington, showing an example of converting 1g infused pre-rolls into 3-packs. If you are not in Washington, this video is still applicable to you! Just remember to use the applicable Traceability Types per your jurisdiction.

Re-Package Using Convert or Package

For this example, we will re-package 1g Pre-Rolls into a 4-Pack of Pre-Rolls. The Traceability Names used in this example may not be applicable to your jurisdiction. If that is the case, this tutorial is still for you! Just be sure to use the correct Traceability Types per your jurisdiction.

1. On the Inventory Overview, click the Package button

  • Note: This button is labeled Convert in Washington

2. Select Pre-packaged Items

3. What are we making? Select the applicable Traceability Type / Category applicable to what you are making.

4. What Kind? Select the applicable Product Template or strain-specific Product from the drop-down.

  • Option to click Create New Product Template below this field to create a new template if needed.

5. Select the Strain Name

  • Option to click Create New Strain below this field to create the new strain if needed.

6. Enter the number of units you are creating.

  • Example: I am creating 100 units of 4-Pack Pre-Rolls so I've entered 100.

7. Check the Re-Package box. Checking this box is key to changing the package weight of an existing packaged product. Then use the search bar or filters to locate the inventory you are re-packaging.

8. Enter the Amount to use as your input.

  • Example: I am making 100 units of 4-Pack Pre-Rolls, so I've entered 400 as the amount to use.

9. Confirm the total units Produced in this re-package.

10. Place the re-packaged inventory in a room. This may be optional or required depending on your jurisdiction.

11. Click Preview Convert to confirm the re-package and finish.

12. When completed, you'll be redirected to the Inventory Overview to view the re-packaged units, as well as the adjusted item they came from for confirmation.

Great work!

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