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Retail: (Washington) Registering Outgoing Transfer Manifests with the LCB (Beta)
Retail: (Washington) Registering Outgoing Transfer Manifests with the LCB (Beta)

How to set up GrowFlow Retail so we can register your outgoing transfer manifests with the LCB

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This feature is in beta. Please contact our Client Experience team via the chat bubble in your account to opt in.

For retailers in Washington that are creating an outgoing transfer, GrowFlow will register your manifest on the LCB Manifest Webform site and update the transfer with the LCB manifest ID.

  • Important Note: Per the LCB, it is recommended that you print two copies of the LCB's manifest to accompany the transport and delivery transactions (signatures).


  • Any GrowFlow Retail user who wants us to register their manifest for them on the LCB site must be authenticated for Insights. They must be an Org Admin, Admin, or have custom permissions for Reports.

  • This feature applies only to the state of Washington.

  • A UBI number (nine-digit number), sometimes called a tax registration number, a business registration number, or a business license number, is required.

  • Given LCB Manifest requirements, when adding a Supplier, all of the fields are required.

Enabling LCB Manifest Registration

To allow us to register your manifests to the LCB, in GrowFlow:

1. Navigate to Settings.

2. Click the General tab.

3. Scroll down to the Traceability Settings section.

4. Enable the toggle for LCB Manifests.

5. Enter the UBI Number.

6. Click Save Settings.

Registering a Manifest

1. Create an External or Internal (to another store in your organization) outgoing transfer as you normally would. See this article for detailed instructions.

2. Complete all the fields. They are required for manifest submission. If any required fields are missing, when attempting to register the manifest, an error message will be displayed and it will need to be updated.

3. Leave the LCB Manifest ID field blank if you intend for GrowFlow to register the manifest. If you have already manually submitted the manifest on the LCB manifest website, enter the LCB manifest ID here.

4. Complete the Transporter Info and then click Save & Continue.

5. On the Transfer Details page, click Generate Manifest.

If any information required for the LCB manifest is missing, there will be an error message(s) with buttons that can be clicked to edit the appropriate information.

When you edit the information, there will be a message indicating the changes have been saved.

NOTE: When missing info is corrected and saved, the error message at the top of the Transfer Details page remains on the page until the “Generate Manifest” button is pressed again.

6. Once all the required information has been entered, the Generating Manifest button with a loading animation will appear.

7. When the manifest has been successfully generated, the page will update and the title bar at the top of the Transfer Details will say Manifested - Automatic. This indicates the registration was successful!

To view and print the manifest, click the Manifest button in the top-right corner of the screen. The manifest # from the LCB will be on the document.

The transfer is now ready. Return to the Transfers Details page for the transfer and click the Mark in Transit button when appropriate. When the transfer is complete, return to the Transfers Details page for the transfer and click Mark As Completed.

Failed Manifest Submission

If we are unable to register the manifest, you will get an error message advising you to manually submit the manifest through the LCB Manifest website. You can also have us attempt to register it again by clicking the Generate Manifest button again.

Typically, manifests will fail to register for these reasons:

  • The LCB website is down.

  • The user attempting to generate the manifest does not have Insights access. They must be either an Organization Admin, Admin, or have custom permissions for Reports.

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