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WA Standalone: How to Find Missing Inventory
WA Standalone: How to Find Missing Inventory

Can't find your item on the inventory page or when building an order? Let's find it!

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Updated 7/11/22

Here are a few ways to find missing inventory and correct the items if needed to make them available for converting or adding to a new order.

Scenario I: Item is out of stock or fully reserved

If you have physical stock of an item on hand, but you see "No Results" when searching on the inventory page, this means the item is at 0 qty or is fully reserved on a current order.

Paste the item's ID in the search bar and click Search All Inventory under the search bar to see the out of stock or reserved item and use Adjust to correct the quantity to match what you have on hand:

Or, remove the item from the existing order to free up the units or grams.

Scenario II: Item has an order association

Sometimes an order association can remain after all orders with the item are complete. This prevents this item from being added to a new order.

Use Search All Inventory to find the item, or use the "On Order" view on the Inventory page to see all items with order association (see the order number under the PO# column). To remove it, click on the item's ID on the left:

Then, click the red X to remove the order association:

📣💥Warning! If this item is still on an order that has not been completed yet, this will free up the inventory to be used on other orders. Make sure you have enough for all your orders!

Scenario III: Item is another traceability type

Let's say you're trying to find your tested flower to package into Usable Marijuana units for a retail order, but when you search for the flower on Create New Order, it doesn't show up:

This is because this item is bulk Flower traceability type, but we need a Flower Lot to make Usable Marijuana.

On the Inventory page, use the Lot or the Convert tool to create a Flower Lot from the bulk Flower:

Global Search

When in doubt, try Global Search to look everywhere in GrowFlow! Click the purple magnifying glass button at the top of your page:

Still can't find it? Let us know in the chat bubble and we'll help you out! ✨

Happy Searching! 🔎

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