Updated 07/06/2022

1. Head to Inventory > Batches in the navigation bar

2. Toggle the page view from Open to Closed Harvest Batches by checking "Close" and unchecking the "Open" box

3. Use any applicable filters or the search bar to locate the Harvest Batch

4. Click on the yellow "Closed" button in the Status column. This will immediately toggle the Harvest Batch's status from Open to Closed

5. Toggle the page view status back to "Open" from "Close"

6. Click on the ID# to open the Package Harvest Batch window and continue entering your Dry Package weights.

  • Note: The Harvest will not return to the Drying column on the Grow Overview. Continue accessing the re-opened Harvest Batch's Package Harvest Batch window via Inventory > Batches by clicking on the ID# until the Harvest is closed once more.

Pro-Tip! If the Harvest was accidentally closed, remember to check the "Collect Additional" box before clicking "Create" to keep the Harvest open.

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