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WA Standalone: Combine Bulk Flower

How to combine several bulk Flower and Other Material items into one new bulk item

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Updated 7/5/22

Have a bunch of small bulk Flower or Other Material items that you want combined before lotting, testing, or processing? This can be easily done with the Convert tool.

On the Inventory page, go to Convert:

Here is how to combine multiple bulk Flower items as an example, but the same steps apply for bulk Other Material:

  1. Select Bulk Inventory

  2. Under "What are we making?" select Flower traceability type. Then, select your product name in the next field that appears

  3. If you selected a Product Template, select your strain name

  4. Paste inventory IDs or keywords into the search bar or filter by Type, Strain, or Room to locate your bulk Flower. Above I have selected three bulk Flower items.

  5. Check the rightmost checkbox beside each Flower you want to combine, or click All if all Flower shown will be combined.

  6. Select a room other than Bulk Inventory if preferred (optional)

  7. Click Preview Convert to review the convert details in the next window, then click Convert to finish!

    Now you'll see your new combined Flower item on the Inventory page:

    Awesome! 😎

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