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WA Standalone: Convert Untested Flower Lots into Bulk Flower for QA Testing
WA Standalone: Convert Untested Flower Lots into Bulk Flower for QA Testing

Already lotted? Use Convert to combine Flower Lots into Bulk Flower to send samples from for QA testing.

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Updated 05/03/2022

With the new QA Testing Rules that went into effect in Washington, you may have already lotted your untested Flower into the traceability type Flower Lot. No worries! We have set up the Convert tool on the Inventory Overview to allow you to combine those untested Flower Lots of the same Harvest and Strain Name into Bulk Flower so that you can send samples from Bulk Flower for mandatory testing.

1. Head to the Inventory Overview and click "Convert"

2. Select the radio box "Bulk Inventory"

3. What are we making?

  • Select Flower from the drop-down

4. What kind of Flower?

  • Select a Flower Product Template or

  • Select a strain-specific Product or

  • Option to click "Create New Product Template"

5. Which Strain?

  • Only applicable if you previously selected a Product Template

  • Select a strain from the drop-down

6. Use the search bar or filters to locate your Flower Lots

7. Select your Flower Lots by checking the boxes to the right of their line items

  • Note: If you only have the Flower Lots needed for combining populated in the table, click the blue "All" button to select all Flower Lots in one click

8. Confirm the Total Flower produced

9. Optional: Add the converted Bulk Flower to a specified Room

  • Note: If not specified, the Bulk Flower will be automatically placed in Bulk Inventory

10. Finish by clicking Preview Convert where you will confirm the conversion

Once the conversion is confirmed, you will be taken back to view the newly converted Bulk Flower on the Inventory Overview. From here, you're all set to build your QA Order, or see Create QA Order for Mandatory Testing to learn how!


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