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WA Standalone: Re-Manifest to Change Arrival Date for Third-Party Delivery
WA Standalone: Re-Manifest to Change Arrival Date for Third-Party Delivery

If your buyer wants the manifest edited to reflect the actual date of arrival, follow these steps to email the new manifest to them

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Updated 09/15/2022

If your third-party transporter arrives within the LCB's allowed time frame, but it's not on the exact date printed on the GrowFlow manifest, your buyer might insist on having a manifest that reflects the actual arrival date. We don't want you to run the risk of having your delivery rejected, so use this process to quickly generate a new manifest that you can email to the buyer for signatures.

1. From the Orders Overview or Sales History, click on the order to open it

2. Click the "Edit" button and select "Undo Transfer"

3. When you see the confirmation pop-up, click "OK" to proceed to undo the transfer

4. Click the "Edit" button again and this time select the option "Void Manifest"

5. Click the button "Select Delivery Options" and enter the information using the actual arrival date

6. After clicking "Confirm", give us enough time to register the new manifest with the LCB

  • Wait to see the LCB manifest ID

7. Click to transfer the order

8. Click the "Print/Share" button and select "Email Manifest" or "Print Manifest" to share copies of the GrowFlow manifest.

  • Important Note! You and the receiver will receive an updated LCB manifest via email when the registration is complete. Per the LCB, it is recommended that you print two copies of the LCB's manifest to accompany the transport and delivery transactions (signatures).

9. Update your buyer to let them know this is the new manifest that shows the actual arrival date!

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