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LIVE Marketplace: Pack to Order
LIVE Marketplace: Pack to Order

A happy path to setting up your LIVE Marketplace by packing to order. Start profiting quickly!

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Updated 07/01/2022

Packing to order made easy! The GrowFlow LIVE Marketplace allows you to list pre-packaged products for sale on your storefront while sourcing the available quantities from your Bulk Inventory with just a few simple clicks.

This article assumes you have already set up your store. If you haven't, please refer to the video below or check out LIVE Marketplace: Preparing and Setting Up Your Store.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Sellable Rooms

If you haven't already marked the Rooms that store your Bulk Source Inventory as Sellable, head to Admin > Store Setup and click on the Rooms tab. Locate the Rooms intended for storing Bulk Source Inventory and check the box in the Sellable? column.

Step 2: Sellable Bulk Inventory

Now, we'll head over to the Inventory Overview to locate the Bulk Inventory intended for sourcing your pre-packaged products in the store.

Once the inventory is located, select each item and click Move to move the inventory into a room that you previously marked as sellable.

Step 3: Assign Source Products

When sourcing pre-packaged products from Bulk Inventory in your store, it is important to understand the following:

  • A Source or Sourceable Product is a Bulk Product that can be assigned for sourcing pre-packaged products when the Bulk Product is stocked with available inventory

  • The bulk inventory must be located in a Room that has been marked as Sellable in your Store Setup

  • The bulk inventory must have the same Strain Name as the pre-packaged product

  • The pre-packaged inventory and bulk inventory must be assigned parent/child-related traceability types and categories according to Traceability Types in your jurisdiction

Head back to Admin > Store Setup. Click Packaged and/or use any applicable filters to locate your sellable pre-packaged products that need a Source Product assignment.

To source your pre-packaged products, we have two options:

Option 1: Assign Source

Click Assign Source to pull up a list of all pre-packaged products in your store setup that is available for sourcing. This tool allows you to assign Source Products to multiple pre-packaged products in one go.

  • A. In the Sourceable Products column, GrowFlow will populate the recommended Source Product. Click on the drop-down to select a different Source Product, if what is auto-populated is not desired.

  • B. Click the blue Assign button per line item to assign a Source Product one at a time.

  • C. For bulk Source Product assignments, select each line item, then click the big blue Assign button.

Option 2: Customize

In the Products tab of your Store Setup, click Customize per each line item to assign a Source Product to one pre-packaged product at a time.

  • In the Customize Product Details window, select the desired Source Product in the Select Source Product drop-down. Don't forget to click Save!

Step 4: Confirm Available Sourced Quantity in the Store Setup

Back on the Store Setup, you can confirm the Sourced Product assignment is successful by viewing the available sourced quantity, displayed in grams, now listed in the Sourced Avl. column per each line item.

Step 5: Publish the pre-packaged products for sale on your storefront!

The last step to take before you can start profiting is to set these sourced pre-packaged products as Public! To do so, check the box in the Public column for each line item.

Step 6: Confirm your Storefront

Towards the top of your Store Setup, click Go to Live Store.

Locate the sourced pre-packaged products and confirm the available quantities, displayed in units, in the Available column.

That's it! You are ready to start selling!


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