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Wholesale: Close Harvest and Other Settings
Wholesale: Close Harvest and Other Settings

How to undo a harvest, move drying rooms, or edit the harvest strain in GrowFlow Wholesale!

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Here's how to close or make changes to an open harvest such as changing the strain or drying room.

Close Harvest

If a harvest is complete but was not closed at the last cure, we can manually close the harvest to clear it from the Grow Overview page.

1. Click on the harvest under the Drying column:

2. In the Package Harvest Batch window, click the More dropdown in the upper left:

3. Click the Edit button below the harvest details:

4. Change the Harvest State to Closed and Harvest Stage to Finished, then click Save:

The harvest will now be closed and removed from the Grow Overview page.

Edit Harvest Room or Strain

1. To move a harvest into a different room or change its strain name, click the More dropdown on the left:

2. Click Edit:

3. Use the dropdown menus to edit your harvest details:

a) Use the Strain dropdown menu to edit the harvest strain.

b) Use the Room Name dropdown menu to change the drying room that the harvest is stored in.

c) Use the Harvest State dropdown menu to re-open the harvest if there is more bulk inventory left to create, or to close the harvest if you’ve finished entering your weights.

d) Use the Harvest Stage dropdown menu to indicate if the harvest is Finished, Wet, or Curing.

Tip! To re-open a closed harvest batch, set the Harvest Stage to Wet and the Harvest Status to Open.

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