New to Washington customers!

You are now able to make certain edits to your harvest batches. When LeafData was the law of the land, making edits to Harvests was a blocked action. Here’s what has changed.

Manicure Harvest

In certain situations, you might need to harvest some, but not all of your flowering plants.

1. Check off the ‘Manicure’ checkbox if you intend to perform a partial harvest but need to leave your plants in the Flowering stage.

Undo Harvest

If the wrong harvest weight of plants is recorded while harvesting in GrowFlow, it’s now super easy to undo the harvest. This will return the plants to their Flowering stage so that they can be re-harvested with the correct wet weights.

1. To start, open your harvest batch from the Drying section of your account.

2. When the Package Harvest Batch window opens, click the Undo Harvest icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

3. On the next window, you’ll be asked to confirm that you’d like to undo the harvest. Also during this step, select which flower room you’d like to move the plants back to.

Undo Cure / Re-open Harvest Batch

You can now also undo the cure of any bulk Flower or Other Plant Material package that you create from a Harvest Batch, returning its weight to the Harvest Batch.

  • Note: If the Harvest Batch was closed, undoing the cure will reopen the Harvest Batch.

1. First, locate the bulk inventory you created from your harvest batch. Click the purple-highlighted area (not the green arrow).

2. Next, click the Cure Info icon.

3. On the Cure Info window, review the information presented and click Yes, Undo All if you would like to return the weight from the bulk inventory items to their harvest batch.

  • Note the Pro tip: If you only wish to correct the weight of your items, adjust the quantity from the inventory page instead of using the Undo Cure tool

Edit Harvest Strain / Room

Last but certainly not least, you now have the ability to edit your harvest’s strain name, move a harvest to a different drying room, and reopen a closed harvest.

  • Note: super handy if you forgot to check the Collect Additional box.

1. To locate these options, click the More caret, then click Edit when the Detail section expands.

2. Use the dropdown menus to edit your harvest details:

a) Use the Strain dropdown menu to edit the harvest strain.

b) Use the Room Name dropdown menu to change the drying room that the harvest is stored in.

c) Use the Harvest State dropdown menu to re-open the harvest if there is more bulk inventory left to create, or to close the harvest if you’ve finished entering your weights.

d) Use the Harvest Stage dropdown menu to indicate if the harvest is Finished, Wet, or Curing.

  • Note: If you re-open a previously closed harvest batch, you’ll want to set both the stage to Wet and the status to Open.

So there you have it! You are now able to undo harvests and cures, as well as make edits to the harvest details, giving you full control over your harvesting and curing processes. Now you’re GrowFlowin’ like a pro!

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