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WA Standalone: Set GrowFlow As Your Integrator
WA Standalone: Set GrowFlow As Your Integrator

How to log into the SAW CCRS Portal to set GrowFlow as your approved integrator to allow GrowFlow to submit your CCRS Reports to the LCB

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Updated on 04/25/2023

What is Secure Access Washington (SAW)?

SAW is a single sign-on application gateway used by the state of Washington to simplify access to internet-accessible government services. Businesses directly accessing CCRS, as well as those utilizing a third-party software Integrator must have a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account using a unique email address.

Note: The license holder must be the one to login into SAW to set GrowFlow as your approved integrator. Your SAW login credentials are the User ID and Password that you would have used in the past to log in to LeafData as an Admin user.

What is the CCRS Portal?

The Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) is the cannabis reporting system for Washington State. All CCRS submissions are submitted via the CCRS Portal. In order for GrowFlow to be able to report to CCRS on your behalf, you must designate GrowFlow as your approved integrator.

Initially, the only user who will be able to access CCRS is the system administrator. There can only be one system administrator per licensee. The system administrator account is set up based on the email address provided to the LCB during the licensing process. Each assigned system administrator is responsible for setting up any additional users in the CCRS portal.

Test for Success

If you're not sure which email address the LCB has on file for you, the license holder, it can be worth your while to first test your access to CCRS. This helps you avoid getting locked out and then having to wait until the next day before trying again, which will delay our reporting for you.

To test your access to SAW:

2. Enter your username and password

  • If you get in successfully, terrific! Proceed to the next section of this article.

  • If you get the Access Denied screen, work with the LCB to verify or update the email address they have on file for you. See Having trouble logging in? below for further instructions.

Log into CCRS

Log into CCRS to set GrowFlow as your approved third-party integrator.

Reminder: Only the license holder is able to perform this action for setting the approved integrator.

2. Log in to SAW

Forgot your login credentials? Click Forgot your username? or Forgot your password?

3. Once you've logged in, you'll be redirected to the CCRS website

  • If you get the Access Denied screen, work with the LCB to verify or update the email address they have on file for you. See Having trouble logging in? below for further instructions.

Note: To add additional CCRS users to your account, those users will need to sign up for a SAW account, then you will be able to add them as users in your CCRS account. See these instructions from the LCB site for setting up a SAW account.

Set GrowFlow as your Integrator

1. Register your SAW account by entering the email address that the LCB has on file for your license(s). This will authenticate your CCRS account.

2. In the navigation bar, click Account > Licensee

3. You should see each of your licenses listed after clicking Licensee. You will need to individually enable GrowFlow as your integrator for each license that is using our software.

For each license:

A. Select the license and click Edit

B. Under the Approved Integrators section, click Manage Integrators

C. Select GrowFlow from the list of available integrators, then click Update

Note: If you believe you are done with this process so that GrowFlow can begin submitting reports on your behalf, verify that the URL showing at the top of your screen says That is the real CCRS.

Having trouble logging in?

The LCB advised us that the email you enter when you first register on CCRS will validate against the email the LCB has on file for your license. This will be the email submitted with the most recent application to the LCB for the license. You should not run into any trouble if the Primary Email associated with your SAW account matches what the LCB has on file as the email associated with your license. A good way to tell if your SAW email matches what the LCB has on file is to verify that you are receiving your emailed reminders from the DOR about monthly B&O tax reporting in the same email account where you receive notices from the LCB.

The LCB has further advised:

  • The Primary license account email can be validated with your current WSLCB Licensing Specialist or at [email protected].

    • GrowFlow advises that you include your license number, a contact phone number, and the email address(es) you are using.

  • Only one SAW user can associate as the Primary Admin.

  • If the incorrect email is detected at this step, or another user in your organization has already completed this step, your account will be locked until you submit a ticket for assistance with the LCB at [email protected]

To verify which email address your SAW account is associated with, you can do that by logging into your MyDOR account, then:

1. Click the Get Started button

2. Select Manage my profile in the upper right of the screen under your name

3. Select the Profile option

4. View the email address

Once you complete the steps above, you should then see GrowFlow listed as your Approved Integrator!

Thank you!

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