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WA Standalone: Create Marijuana Mix Infused Product
WA Standalone: Create Marijuana Mix Infused Product

What is MJ Mix Infused? Planning ahead, QA testing, conversion process, and more!

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Updated 02/23/2022

Marijuana Mix Infused is the category often used for items such as Moon Rocks or Joints that have been infused with some type of concentrates, such as CO2 Oil or Kief. 

At this time, the LCB requires all combined items (Flower Lot, Kief, etc.) to first be individually sent for testing, then QA tested once more after the combination and conversion into an MJ Mix Infused type product, so you'll want to make sure you’re creating enough units to make it worth your while.

A. Make a Plan! Write down the following: 

B. How many units are you creating?

  • Example: Let’s make 1000 units of Infused Joints

D. Locate your ingredients for the conversion and make note of their Inventory IDs

  • OR you can find these using the search bar and/or filters once you're in the Convert tool

  • Example: Let's use a tested Flower Lot and CO2 Oil

G. What is the Net Weight of a finished unit?

  • Example: Let’s use 0.75 grams

I. Click the "Convert" button on the Inventory Overview

J. Once you're in the Convert tool:

  1. Select "Pre-Packaged Items"

  2. What are we making? Select an appropriate Mix Infused category

  3. What kind? Select the appropriate existing Product Template or Product

    1. Option to click "Create New Product Template" if you do not have an existing Product Template to use

  4. Which Strain? Only available and applicable if you selected a Product Template

  5. Locate the ingredients via the search bar or the Filter tools

  6. Leave "Product does not require additional QA testing" unchecked since the converted MJ Mix Infused will be sent for additional testing

  7. Enter the amounts to use for each ingredient

  8. Enter the total amount of product produced from this conversion

  9. Finish by clicking "Preview Convert" to preview and confirm the MJ Mix Infused conversion

Optional - Before confirming the conversion:

  • Select the recipe used

  • Enter the total waste produced from the conversion

  • Add the converted inventory to a designated room of your choice

    • If no room is designated, the conversion will be automatically placed in Bulk Inventory

  • Set a Harvest Date

  • Assign a Production Batch Name

And, just like that you - You're infusing!

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