Updated 12/08/2020

Selling growing plants such as clones or vegging plants requires an extra step of assigning a Metrc package tag to the ones you're sending out. In GrowFlow, you can accomplish this step by adding batches directly onto a new order.

Step 1: Create a new order by clicking on Orders > New Order

Step 2: Find the batch, and add the quantity desired

In this example below, I'm sending 10 out of 14 clones to another Cultivator.

Step 3: Confirm the order

This creates a new order and places a reservation on the batch for the amount you'll be sending out.

Step 4: Advance the order to assign a new package ID

Once you're here, you can change the Metrc package tag number if you please, or use the next tag displayed in the sequence. The next tag in sequence appears in the blue “Next Tag to Use Box”; should you want to select a different tag to use next in sequence, click on the blue box with the Tag number:

Next, click the blue “Use Next” box next to the Metrc tag you would like to use next in sequence:

Once you verify the correct Metrc tag you would like to use next in sequence, click the big blue “ button to move the order to the "Package/Repackage and Fill all Items" stage.

Step 5: Label your package of clones, seeds, or vegging plants with the new Metrc package tag

The New ID column will have this for you, but you'll need to find the Metrc tag in your facility and stick it to the outside of the package you've now created.

Now you can verify from your Grow Overview that the reservation on the plant batch was confirmed, and the new Package was created in a room dedicated to the order.

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