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Metrc: Sell Immature Plant Batches
Metrc: Sell Immature Plant Batches

How to add immature plant batches of clones or seeds, and in California, vegging plants, to an order in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Selling immature plants such as seeds or clones requires an extra step of assigning a Metrc package tag to the plants you're sending out. In GrowFlow, you can accomplish this step by adding batches directly onto a new order.

Note: Wholesalers in California can also use this workflow to add vegging plants to an order. If you are not in California, please see Metrc: Sell Vegging Plants.

1. Click Orders > New Order

2. Use the filters or the search bar to locate the immature plant batch and enter the desired quantity to send in the Qty field

3. When you're ready, click Preview Order to confirm the order details

4. Once the order details are confirmed, click ➕ Confirm New Order to create the order

5. Advance the order to assign package tags to each batch added to the order. Once you're here, you have the option to change the Metrc tag number or use the next tag displayed in the sequence. The next tag in sequence appears in the blue Next Tag to Use box; should you want to select a different tag to use next in sequence, click this button.

Then, click the blue Use Next box next to the Metrc tag you would like to use next in sequence.

6. Once the Metrc tag you would like to use next is selected, click the big blue Package/Repackage and Fill all Items button to progress the order

7. Label the packages of immature plant batches with the new Metrc package tag applied. The New ID column will display the last four digits of the tag ID to use as a reference for locating the tag at your facility and sticking it outside of the package you've now created.

8. Proceed with the order per standard order workflows

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