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Standalone: Returning Items on an Order
Standalone: Returning Items on an Order

For when you need to return rejected items to your inventory.

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Updated 08/26/2022

At times, product you've sent out on a transfer will need to be returned. That's where the blue 'View Possible Returns' button comes into play! 

In this article, we'll go over the steps to make a simple return of the rejected items on an order. 

Click on the order with the rejected items in the In Transit column of your Orders Overview screen.

Then click the blue 'View Possible Returns' button. Please note: the blue button will only appear on an order that is in transit and has not been set to received. 

If the order has been completed, you can still access the Receive Rejected Transfer Items dialog by clicking Edit >> View Possible Returns (seen below).

Now that you've opened up the Receive Rejected Transfer Items dialog (seen above), follow the steps:

  1. Decide where you want the returned inventory to go.

  2. Select the item or items being returned.

  3. Enter the quantity that was rejected.

  4. Click 'Import Rejected Transfers'.

Now the rejected item or items will appear as voided on the manifest and they will be returned to your inventory. 

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