Updated 11/6/2020

Removing and tracking your waste can seem tedious, but with GrowFlow, it's a snap!

There are two instances where waste would be recorded before harvest: 

  1. Plants don't make the cut throughout the growth stages.

  2. Non-useable material is generated from daily pruning and handling.

In this article, we'll describe how and where to record the waste for each instance.

  1. Plants that don't make the cut.

a. You can schedule single plants for destruction from either the Veg or Flower columns, or from the main Plants page. Please note: Before scheduling for destruction, record the weight of these single plants, then enter those weights in the Collect Waste dialog (see instance #2).

b. You can schedule a batch of clones to be destroyed from the Clone, Seeds column or during the workflow of promoting clones to vegging plants.

2.  Non-useable material is generated from daily pruning and handling.

This is the waste from leaves being swept up off the floor. To record this, just enter the collected waste weight in the Collect Waste dialog.

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