Updated 08/24/2022

Removing and tracking your waste can seem tedious, but with GrowFlow, it's a snap!

There are two instances where waste would be recorded before harvest: 

1. Non-useable material is generated from daily pruning and handling.

2. Plants don't make the cut throughout the growth stages.

In this article, we'll describe how and where to record the waste for each instance as well as their final destruction.

Non-Useable Material is Generated from Daily Pruning and Handling

This is the waste from leaves being swept up off the floor. To record this:

1. From the Grow Overview, click "Collect" atop the

In the Collect window:

2. Select the Room in which the waste will be stored until the final destruction

3. Enter the weight of the collected waste

4. Optional: Enter an explanation

5. Click Submit

Plants That Don't Make the Cut

Schedule single plants for destruction from either the Veg or Flower stages as well as Clones or Seedling batches.

  • Note: Before taking this step, record the weight of these single plants, then enter those weights using Collect as shown in the above instance.

1. From the Grow Overview, click on the applicable strain name in the Clones, Seeds, Veg, or Flower column to open the Strain's Plant List.

2. Select the Plant(s) to destroy

3. Click "Destroy Selected"

4. Select a reason for destroying the Plant(s)

5. Select a Room in which the Plant(s) will be stored in before final destruction

6. Optional: Enter an explanation

7. Click "Destroy x Plants"

  • Note: This can also be done via Grow > Plants by locating and selecting the Plant(s) in the Plants tab or Clones or Seeds in the Clones and Seeds tab and clicking "Destroy".

Final Destruction

Once the waste has been recorded and/or scheduled for destruction it will live in your Waste Log. You can access your Waste Log from the Grow Overview by clicking "Waste" atop the Bulk Inv. column:

Or from the Plants Overview by clicking "Waste":

Within your Waste Log:
1. Select the recorded waste or Plants

2. You still have the option to Undo the waste by clicking "Undo Destroy". This will undo the collection record or return the Plants to their previous active stage.

3. Click "Dispose Selected" once you have disposed of the waste or Plants from your facility

  • Important! Once "Dispose Selected" is clicked, the waste and Plants cannot be undone or returned to your active Plants list.

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