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Wholesale: QuickBooks Sync Errors
Wholesale: QuickBooks Sync Errors

Encountering a sync error with QuickBooks invoices? Follow this guide to quickly resolve the issue in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Check out the list of common QuickBooks sync errors below along with their resolutions. Refer to the table of contents on the right to find your specific error message for troubleshooting.

Error: Not able to find customer

This error indicates the Vendor has not been synced to QuickBooks. Click Sync Vendor First to sync the vendor on the Vendors page, then sync the invoice.

Error: Invoice number is already in use

This error indicates the invoice number is already in use in QuickBooks. You can change the existing invoice number in QuickBooks to another number, or change the GrowFlow invoice number.

1. On the order in GrowFlow, click Details

2. Click Edit, then change the PO# on the left, then click Save

Note: Check your Sales History page to find the next available Invoice Number in your current sequence and enter it here. Editing a PO# initiates a new numerical sequence for future orders, impacting the ongoing sequence of new orders.

3. Return to the Sales History page to sync the invoice successfully

Error: String length specified does not match supported length

This error indicates the product name in GrowFlow is too long for the max character length of 100 in QuickBooks.

1. Click on the long product name within the order

2. Click View On Admin in the upper left

Tip: Check under QuickBooks Product to see if a product name is set. If it does show a product name, go to the next product on the order until you find the one (or more) that says Not Set.

3. Locate the product in the Packaged or Bulk tab, select the checkbox on the right, then click Edit

4. Shorten the Short Name as much as possible, then click Modify

5. When all instances of product names greater than 100 characters are resolved on the invoice, try syncing the invoice to QuickBooks again via Orders > Sales History

6. Once the invoice is synced, repeat steps 1-5 and edit the product name(s) back to the full product name

Error: The name supplied already exists

This error indicates QBO is trying to create a product name that already exists OR is due to a special character in the GrowFlow product name (eg. è-+';"&^_()–)

To resolve, either...

  • Edit your GrowFlow product via Admin > Products > Product Catalog to remove the special character


  • Sync the product to an existing QBO product by clicking the yellow Sync button, selecting the QBO product, then clicking Save

3. Return to the Sales History page to sync the invoice successfully

Error: Categories cannot be used in transactions

This error indicates a category in QuickBooks is the same name as one of the product names on the order in GrowFlow. Find the category in QuickBooks causing the problem and edit it slightly, such as adding a period or asterisk to it, and then the GrowFlow invoice should sync.

Error: Business validation error select a product or service

This error can occur when syncing an invoice that has a Delivery Fee. To resolve this error, turn the Shipping setting ON in QuickBooks.

1. Click the gear icon and go to Accounts and Settings

2. Go to Sales on the left

3. Under Sales Form Content, turn the Shipping setting to On

4. Then try syncing the invoice in GrowFlow again

Error: Not able to update preferences or ...Discount line Is missing

These errors can be resolved by editing your Sales settings in QBO.

1. Click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of your QuickBooks screen

2. Under Account and Settings > Sales > Sales Form Content, find the Off/On switches

3. Set Custom Fields, Discount, and Deposit to On

4. Click Save

Now you can update invoices that already have payments assigned or those that have overall order discounts!

Error: Sequence contains more than one matching element

This error indicates a product on the invoice is already synced to QuickBooks.

1. Uncheck the Auto Sync Products and Include Strain Name in Product Name boxes on the Sales History page

2. Re-try syncing the invoice

3. Once the invoice has synced to QBO successfully, re-check these boxes to continue auto-syncing new Products to QBO

Error: Transactions with inventory (QOH) products cant be dated earlier than the Inventory Start Date for the product

This is a known error in QuickBooks that indicates the order was created before the Products were created or synced into QuickBooks. QBO offers a few resolutions, but unfortunately, there isn't a simple solution at this time.

1. In Quickbooks, under MyWorks Sync > Settings > Order, turn on the setting to sync orders with the "push date". This will sync the orders to QuickBooks with today's date, avoiding this error


1. Unmap all your products by clicking Clear Mappings in MyWorks Sync > Map > Products

2. Re-sync the invoices in GrowFlow, so they default to the fallback Default QuickBooks Product you set in MyWorks Sync > Settings

3. Once the old orders have been synced, re-sync your inventory products in GrowFlow, and invoices from this point forward will sync over with the suitable product mapping

Error: Invalid Reference ID: Line.SalesItemLineDetail.ItemRef.Invalid

This error indicates a Product on this order has lost its connection to QuickBooks or has been deleted in QuickBooks and needs to be re-synced.

1. On the Pull Sheet within the order, click on each blue product name on the order in the Product column

2. If you receive "Object Not Found: Something you're trying to use has been made inactive" as you view the Product Details, this indicates this is a product that has lost its connection to QuickBooks.

3. For each product with this error present, click View on Admin

4. Once redirected to the Product Catalog, click View (1)

5. Select the product, then click Edit

6. Under QuickBooks, click the yellow Sync button. Then, select the applicable existing QB Product to re-link the GrowFlow product to.

7. Click Save, then click Modify

8. Repeat steps 2-7 until each product on the Pull Sheet does not throw the error

9. When completed, head back to Sales History to sync the invoice

Error: Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object

This error indicates that your GrowFlow products are not correctly auto-syncing with Quickbooks. You will need to disconnect your Quickbooks account from GrowFlow to reconnect the connection to Quickbooks.

QuickBooks Online Support

Visit QuickBooks Online Support for more help with QuickBooks Online or to contact QuickBooks support for issues within QBO.

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