Welcome to GrowFlow!

GrowFlow is founded on the principle that just because traceability and compliance are mandatory, they shouldn’t slow down your business. We made GrowFlow simple to use, and not only will we help you with all your traceability and state reporting, we will also help streamline your sales process so you can sell more product, and focus on growing other parts of your business!

Let’s get started with GrowFlow!

The first thing to do is to login. Let’s walk through that process real quick:

1. Select your State

2. Enter your email that you used to sign up for GrowFlow

This is the main email that you used to sign up for your GrowFlow account.

2. Enter your password

Next, just simply enter your password.

Pro-tip: If you forgot your GrowFlow password, or are having trouble logging in, just click the ‘Don't Remember Your Password’ link above the password field.

3. Click the Log In button

Last thing to do is just click the ‘Log In’ button.

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