We all know that it's important to remember the purchase limits that your state regulations outline. Now GrowFlow can do that for you, with our new purchase limits feature!

1. Click the Store Settings icon followed by the Compliance tab where you'll see the section titled MJ Purchase Limits. Toggle on the Enforce Purchase Limits button.

2. The category types (Flower, Edible, Concentrate, etc.) will appear under a section titled “Rec Purchase Limits” or “Medical Purchase Limits”. Both will show if your state allows both. Enter the limit amounts in the required fields, as seen below.

PLEASE NOTE - Only a Superadmin can check the dots labeled '"Unit Weight" and "Net Weight" to the right of the limit amounts, as seen in the red box below. You will need to contact GrowFlow in order to have these selected. The dots and words will be grayed out and the system will default to "Unit Weight".

3. After you've entered that information and, if need be, had a GrowFlow Representative select Unit Weight or Net Weight for each category, click the Org Settings icon and select Product Categories.

4. On the Product Categories page, you'll want to make sure that your product categories are tied to their associated purchase limit type. If you are in a Metrc connected state, make such the correct Metrc type is also selected.

PLEASE NOTE - if you reside in a state that requires you to report net weight in ounces (particularly with edibles), double-check that your edible products have the unit of measure set to ounces and that the field has a value assigned.

Happy selling!

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