Cannabis traceability is founded in the concept that all cannabis material should be able to be traced from its inception (seed or clone) to it final retail consumer. This process is fairly straight forward in terms of internal tracking, i.e. plants don't tend to get up and walk out of a room all on their own. However, this process does get a bit more complicated when cannabis is transferred between licenses. That is where the "manifest" comes in handy. 

By using a transfer manifest, you can keep track of where your products are going, when they are going, and how they are getting there.
Once you have your order created an order, follow these directions when you get to the "Need to Manifest" column on your Order screen. 

1. Start building your Manifest by clicking here: 

2. On the Manifest screen, fill in the following fields to track your transfer of products:

  1. If you are going to deliver multiple orders in one delivery round, check this box to add the other orders to the manifest. 

  2. Select the distributor who will be delivering the orders to your clients. Keep in mind that this may simply be your own license. 

  3. Select the delivery driver

  4. Select the delivery vehicle 

  5. Confirm the date and time of your delivery departure and arrival

  6. Confirm the start and end addresses and update directions based on your preferred route. 

3. Once you are happy with the logistical information on your manifest, click Confirm to publish the manifest. 

4. Once published, your order will automatically move to the "Need to Sync to Metrc" column. From here, you can print or email your transfer manifest. It is best practice to keep a copy of the transfer manifest with the order. 

Note: depending on your state, you may or may not need to sync your transfer to Metrc. Please refer to your state regulations or ask a support team member about this today! 

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